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Treasure Hunter VR

Online multiplayer

Up to 4 players can connect

Talk with your freinds as you explore the
cursed chambers of the Mayan tomb together.  Try and convince your opponents to keep moving towards the curse or run like a coward. 

VR and mobile

Avaialble for vr and non-vr mobile.

We recommend using VR for the most immersive Treasure Hunter experience, Treasure Hunter is also available for mobile without vr making it great for parties with any number of vr headsets..

Simply fun

Simple to join and simple to play 

An intuitive easy user experience is our primary design goal.  Simply point the cursor to play.  Treasure Hunter will support the latest mobile vr controllers.

Customize your game

Spending treasure is fun!

We will offer our treaure hunters lots of cool stuff to buy with their collected treasure.  Costumes,  additional chambers, and fun interactive vr story segments will be available for trade in our Adventurer Supply Store.