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VR Experiments

These are some of the vr projects created for clients and stuff I'm working on.

Crumble Rock

VR Prototype

Crumble Rock was developed for a client as a test bed
to explore all manners of user experiences in vr.

Ramsey Blood

Personal VR storytelling project

An experiment in vr user experience transitioning
classic comic panels to an immersive vr scene.

SW Rescue

Prototype for chat adventure game

I created this game prototype for a client that was looking for
an adventure style text game in the SW universe 

Crumble Rock VR

We developed this prototype for Oculus Go.  Environment is made up of  mostly 2D layers to maintain  a constant 60 fps on mobile.  

Ramsey Blood
VR Comic

This is a test for transitioning a 2D comic panel to a 360 video for vr storytelling.

Models by BitGem

SW Chat
VR Protoype