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Keith Bullen

(415) 606-5870

Keith Bullen

1818 21st Ave. San Francisco, CA 94122

Prototyping, UX design and CGI Generalist

My passion is creating digital art and user experiences. I’ve kept up with industry technologies creating AR, VR, and crypto prototypes for clients and my own interests. Unity, 3DSMax and Photoshop are my tools of choice but I am very adaptable to any other tools. I am also an experienced art manager with years of experience setting up art production paths and accurate art schedules.

I’m looking to collaborate with a group of like minded developers that share my interest in new immersive technologies.

Blockchain Projects

Recently I have worked with several blockchain startups to create game prototypes to promote cryptocurrencies. Games include VR, AR, and multiplayer social.


I was a consultant for 4+ years supporting various research groups with CGI assets and game prototyping services.


While at Zynga I had many roles depending on the need of the project. Some of the roles were CGI generalist, outsourcing manager, feature prototyping and narrative designer.

Dark Voodoo Studios

This is the company name I currently use for my personal projects and past projects that I have collaborated on with other developers.

The 3DO Company

At 3DO I created the original Army Men game and then crafted many of its sequels under very tight deadlines.

Electronic Arts

This is where I started my career as a CGI generalist. I was fortunate to work on some of the company's biggest franchises at the time.

Dungeon Party

The Kin Foundation contracted me to create a game demo that showcased their Unity sdk that manages crypto transactions. I created a unique multiplayer token gathering game. The demo featured the ability to bring in friends to help complete puzzles. I published the demo to the Google PlayStore.

3D assets by Synty Studios

Additional programming by John Ransom

Castle Rush

The Kin Foundation held a contest for developers to design a game around Kin crypto transactions. I made a AR tower attack game using Kin for in-game transactions. I published the game to the Google PlayStore.

3D assets by Synty Studios

Additional programming by John Ransom

Reality Chain

I made a VR survival game demo that featured nfts that could be collected by players and used to customize their game world. I also produced a promotional video for the project. The demo runs on the Oculus Rift.

3D assets by Synty Studios

Additional programming by John Ransom

Pixowl Sand: NFT art asset creation

I was contracted to create dozens of ingame assets using Pixowl’s voxel editor and tools. The assets were to be sold as NFT’s on the Sand marketplace.

Google Maps

I did research for the maps team for 3D clean-up techniques on lower quality captured 3D data.

VR UX research: Crumble Rock

I created this game demo to show the versatility of using a gaze pointer controller in vr space. It was also created to test pop-up messenger notifications in a vr user experience.

VR UX research: Space Rescue

This demo was to show a vr story game being played that could collect language data for various research groups.

Bot research

Games group: VoltAir

I created most of the level art and backgrounds in 3D from concepts provided by the Games group

Hidden Chronicles

I hired and art directed 5 art houses and 12 internal artists to create 60+ hidden object scenes and an estate building game.


I was hired as a narrative designer and then became a level layout designer to help bring in the schedule.

Vampire Wars / PetVille

I took over the art manager role on each game for several months. When the projects were outsourced to an offshore dev house I managed the transfer of all art related aspects of the game.


I was brought on the team to increase the amount in-game assets produced and to work on prototypes of new features.

RollerCoaster Kingdom CGI outsourcing

Fantastic Contraption Prius Edition Project manager, CGI generalist

PurrPals Project manager, CGI generalist

Mahjong Quest 2 CGI generalist